Marketing & Added Value

Your event’s success matters at Cox Business Convention Center. To assist with this, there are several services and opportunities available in-house for marketing and sponsorships to help ensure you meet your goals.


Event Marketing

Cox Business Convention Center marketing accommodates both private and public events. If your event is private, we only advertise it within the venue’s internal monitor and mark the event as “Private” on the website calendar. If your event is public, the venue offers publicity through our indoor monitors and outdoor marquee,’s event calendar, and the possibility of social media, and additional signage, activation inside the venue, downtown area, and Tulsa International Airport.


Welcome Committee

Cox Business Convention Center’s Welcome Committee – Meet the CBCC – creates custom experiences for state and national events and conferences. These events are tailored to the specific guest and event, and offer a friendly welcome to Tulsa and an added value to the client. The venue also offers a “Show Your Badge” discount program to conference attendees with discount deals at nearby restaurants, retail, and attractions.



Cox Business Convention Center offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to help corporate partners reach the large and varied audiences the venue welcomes throughout the year. Sponsors receive visibility and brand recognition with the more than 220,000 local, regional, and national guests visiting annually with signage, digital marketing, face-to-face opportunities, and the venue’s online platforms.