Kaleidoscope Ball 2022

Grand Gallery / September 9th, 2022

Emergency Infant Services is a non-profit organization which assists nearly 18,000 infants and toddlers each year. Funded through the generosity of the community, staff and volunteers work together to make sure that infants and toddlers have the essentials they need. The Kaleidoscope Ball combines sophistication and fun with philanthropy and passion. It is a chance for community leaders and philanthropists to connect with those in need of infant services. The ball will be held in the Grand Gallery at the Cox Business Convention Center on September 9th and they are expecting about 500 guests. For more information click here;


CBCC is an ASM Global venue and adheres to “VenueShield” – an advanced environmental hygiene and operational protocol developed for more than 325 ASM facilities around the world. All protocols are aligned with public health authorities, medical and industry experts. VenueShield reduces physical touch points, increases venue sanitation and cleanliness, and provides health monitoring guidelines and services. CBCC is owned by the City of Tulsa and also adheres to all city protocols while continuing to work closely with city partners in recovery.

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