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The 67th Annual Tulsa Powwow

Exhibit Hall C

The 67th Annual Tulsa Powwow will be held on July 27-28, 2019 at Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Tulsa Powwow has been the signature event of the Tulsa Indian Club since 1952, when it began as a small, backyard gathering and grew into a nationally known Native American summer celebration. Held for many years at Tulsa’s Mohawk Park, and now at the TU campus, The Tulsa Powwow brings participants and attendees from all over the world. While the venue has changed over the years, our powwow has not. The Tulsa Powwow is free and open to the public. Native arts and crafts vendors and traditional food booths available. Please bring your chairs, if possible.

**PLEASE NOTE: The East Entrance is closed until August 2020 – please use the North Entrance (located right past the Civic Center Parkade at the intersection of Frisco and Civic Center – see map on home page)

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