Cox Business Convention Center an ASM Global managed venue in Tulsa, OK served the largest dinner party in Oklahoma history. Saint Francis Health System chose Cox Business Convention Center (CBCC) as their venue to host their All Employee Party which consisted of 5,030 guests, beating the record of 4,100 guests in 2015. This event was successful due to several different variables. In August 2020 CBCC's kitchen was renovated with funding from Vision Tulsa to expand the kitchen capacity. “The amount of space we have in our recently remodeled kitchen at the CBCC has made the organization and execution of preparing for such a large event much easier and streamlined,” says Executive Sous Chef Sarah Leavell. There were 266 front of house staff, including 232 servers from all over the Tulsa area hired specifically to service this event and all guests’ plates were delivered within 23 minutes of the start of dinner service. CBCC and the OSU-IT Culinary Arts program teamed up and brought in several OSU Culinary students to help prepare the dinner. Executive Chef, Devin Levine, CEC said “These young culinarians will gain valuable experience that will benefit them in their careers and give them great insight to the hospitality industry.  Resume-building events such as this will benefit them greatly in the future.” He continued “Putting on an event of this magnitude is a total team effort from all departments at ASM Global and our staff is excited to make this event a success!!” To manage an event of this capacity the team must consider every detail; everything from the 20,120 pieces of silverware, 135 cases of chicken breasts, to the 20,007 beverages and spirits prepared. Executive Sous Chef, Sarah Leavell states “The key to success on preparing and serving food for any large event, is the coordination and teamwork with the entire CBCC food and beverage team, lots of planning and organization throughout the whole process start to finish.” Cox Business Convention Center is honored to be able to host these special events and prioritizes the guest experience. “I am inspired by what the ASM Global team can accomplish. Hosting the largest banquet in Oklahoma is a true test to their abilities and the respect they have in the community. It means a lot that our clients continue to choose us to host their most important events. We are forever grateful.” – Angie Teel, CMP, Assistant General Manager for ASM Global at Cox Business Convention Center. Click HERE for the timelapse video and further details.   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]