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Meetings matter! They help us engage, share knowledge, collaborate, and network. And all of us at the Cox Business Center are here to support those goals in a thoughtfully designed environment.

So much of a great experience comes through in the details: balanced food decisions, great lighting, clear sound, comfortable seating, and friendly, efficient service. Let us handle the particulars; “while you enjoy the kudos.”

With 32 meeting rooms throughout the building, ballrooms, assembly hall and conference halls for keynotes, plenaries, and dining, it’s easy to design the perfect layout for your program. Not to mention, the Cox Business Center’s signature flair, adding an air of creativity to any event.

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Cheerleading, mixed martial arts, dance, soccer, arena football, volleyball, wrestling…we welcome all of it!

With our large column-free exhibit halls, a 8,900-seat arena and other support spaces, your tournament, game, or performance will be a tough act to follow. Get pumped up in our locker rooms, or grab a snack from conveniently located concession stands. And when the match wraps, head to one of our many downtown hotels that perfectly fits your group’s size and style.

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Banquets and
Social Events

Whether it’s raising money for your favorite nonprofit or celebrating your 25th high school reunion, the Cox Business Center is the perfect place for classic moments.

Our hospitable staff of event planners, in-house floral designers, culinary masters and technical show producers approach every event as a team, working seamlessly to create a setting fitting for fabulous moments. We’re invested in your outcome, and look forward to the moment when you finally push open the doors and see your vision come to life.

“We raised 1.4 million for the Tulsa Ballet this evening. It’s a record!” Scott Black, Managing Director, Tulsa Ballet

Bring Your Ideas to Life


Something bold. Something new. Something elegant. Something you!

The wedding collection at the Cox Business Center is designed to fit any budget, dream, or level of formality. Our expert wedding planners will be right beside you making sure your big day goes off flawlessly. And with a space flexible enough to accommodate the extended family, coupled with plenty of natural light, the only thing that’ll look better than your pictures will be your smile.

Call 918.894.4262 to plan your big day!

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Tradeshows | Consumer Shows

Freebies and food aside, tradeshows are an effective and exciting way to connect with your industry audience. Whether focusing on business-to-business or business to consumer, trade and consumer shows are easily accommodated at the Cox Business Center. Our 14 loading docks, overhead utilities (water, gas, electric, compressed air), three overhead loading doors and freight elevators make moving in and setting up simple, and we can easily accommodate crowds as large as 15,000 at a time.

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The Rolling Stones. Tina Turner. Garth Brooks. Celine Dion. Elvis. Bob Dylan. They’ve all graced the stage at the Cox Business Center. Come see why!

Our 8,900-seat arena has end-to-end rigging capacity, drive-in capability, convenient parking, dressing rooms, and even boasts world-class backstage catering.

If acoustic and intimate is more your speed, give the Assembly Hall or Tulsa Ballroom a look, which offers great sight lines, an elegant ambiance and a beautiful lobby for receptions, registration or intermission..

The Exhibit Hall is another great place for large crowds and snapshot-worthy events. We’ve supported everything from paint raves to music festivals, and have up to 102,600 square feet of column- free space to accommodate even your biggest ideas!

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Creative Meeting Environment & Design

This just in: meetings don’t have to be monotonous!

Everyone wants to offer an environment conducive to learning and engaging interaction. To do this, why not set up casual seating arrangements with chairs and sofas and allow delegates to pick a “place in their comfort zone?” Even better, accent the event with music, lighting and healthy food options, and take your meeting to a new level of learning.

Because we understand learning starts with the right space, we’ve designed event packages that make it easy to create a multisensory environment.

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