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This event has already passed. | 8:00 p.m.

2018 Tulsa Gridiron

Assembly Hall

For eight decades, the Tulsa Gridiron Review has entertained audiences with its irreverent wit and whimsy. The 2018 show – Fallin’s Leaving or Tweeting Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry – will not disappoint! Blending musical parody with sharp dialogue, the Gridiron skewers newsmakers of all sorts; from local and state politicians to those in the international arena. From march-in to march-out, the Gridiron is non-stop fun. The Gridiron Review is more than cause for a good time, however. It is a cause worth your support. Through its 501(c)3, the Tulsa Gridiron Review provides scholarships for students seeking journalism and communication majors.

Your sponsorship of the Gridiron Review helps us continue our eighty-forth year endeavor to further the American tradition of political humor and social commentary and our celebration of free speech. For tickets and event details, please visit http://tulsagridiron.org/.

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