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This event has already passed. | 7:00am - 7:00pm

2018 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium

Tulsa Ballroom & West Meeting Rooms

The 2018 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium will focus on Innovations in Mental Health. Emphasis will be placed on emerging knowledge, research, and best practices, as well as innovative programs, partnerships and/or promising practices designed to diagnose, support and improve the lives of those impacted by mental illness and substance use disorders across the lifespan, and inclusive of marginalized and high-risk populations. The Association has a reputation for bringing community partners together to tackle difficult issues, including improving services for people with mental illness, providing housing and recovery supports, ending homelessness, and criminal justice reform as it relates to people impacted by mental illness.The Symposium brings together 800+ participants from across the region to explore the latest in mental health care and treatment. For further details, please visit http://zarrowsymposium.org/.

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