Environmental Responsibility

Reduce…Reuse…Recycle…Rethink and we like to add RE-IMAGINE!

With an eye on the future, the SMG-managed Cox Business Center is taking action to support environmental responsibility. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, Cox Business Center is implementing three initiatives for 2016: new Oklahoma-focused landscaping; year-long donations to Tulsa Farmers’ Market Association charitable programs; and ‘A Day of Dimming’ to conserve energy.

Going Green

Through recycling programs, donated food programs, collections of donated items for charities, retrofit of more environmental lighting options and AquaHealth sustainable water programs the Cox strives daily to lessen its footprint.

Farm-To-Table Freshness- SAVOR… integrates farm-to-table initiatives into all food and beverage operations. We intend to purchase local produce whenever possible to ensure the freshest of ingredients, allowing us to support the local economy by supporting regional farmers. Consequently, these actions will reduce “food miles,” thus decreasing transportation emissions.

Going Green